Friends in the land of Time in!

 They were not yet friends, Living near and Far. One came from as far away as a star. They would meet in a place, Where they would all be friends, A beautiful new land...a land called "Time in!" Come meet Ty, Violet, Albert, Bob and more as they all find their way to a new and magical land where they can play, create and learn about the world around them! It's a fun adventure of travel as these characters make new friends and discover a fun new place to call home! 



The Sleeping, Snoring, Lazy Little Town of Woodsview: A Lesson In Responsibility

 Oh no! The village of Woodsview has a big problem! Today is the day they are to clean up the park but the village has so many very, very lazy citizens, they may not be able to get it all done! How will they fix this problem? Will the park be clean enough to play? ***Parents, this is a great tool for teaching your young children the responsibility of chores around the house! They are never too young to start learning responsibility. *** 



The Sharing, Caring, Friendly Little Barn Mouse: A Lesson In Sharing

 Oh no, Cat doesn't want to share with any of his friends on the farm! How will he learn that sharing is always the best thing to do...especially with friends! Maybe a very small friend can help him with this problem! **Parents, this can be a great tool for teaching young children the importance of sharing! *** 


Following Rules

The Active, Lively, Energetic Little Tree Squirrel: A Lesson in Following Rules

 Tree squirrel wakes up with a lot of energy! Today is the day he and his friends will go to the playground. The only problem is, Tree squirrel has SO much energy, he forgets to follow the rules to be safe. How will he and his friends solve this problem before someone gets hurt?